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Red Metal Motorcycle Club

Chang Jiang 750 Sidecars


R71 Style: Classic and everlasting design originally from BMW. Restored with excellent chrome, super quality polishing, aluminum rims, our restorations will stand the test of time. 24hp flathead or 32hp overhead this restoration looks super and also rides super. Ride this Chang Jiang 750 sidecar anywhere and it will turn heads, and people will just surround this motorcycle admiring its beauty.


R75 Style: based on military style motorcycles made by BMW that was used in WWII. These Chang Jiang 750 restorations are great for re-enactor and are restored to not only look tough and strong but to be reliable and handle some real rough riding situations. Put this motorcycle in the dirt and you can feel part of history.



Photos :

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Check out the different styles of Chang Jiang 750 restorations.

We use only the best quality parts standard on our Chang Jiang 750 sidecars. The difference is in reliability and performance. Check out some of our standards:

  • NSK or SKF bearings in engine and transmission
  • Tapered steering bearings
  • Brass clutch actuator bearing
  • SKF bearings for wheels
  • LED signal and tail lights
  • LED lamp indicator lights
  • Visual signal light indicator
  • Leather seat covers
  • Aluminum rims
  • Sealed beam head lamp
  • New bucket
  • New fork bushings and fork rod
  • Oil from: Conoco, Mobil, Castrol, Shell
  • Mineral Grease from Fuch's
  • Minimal use of Bondo or filler
  • Excellent quality chrome
  • Use of torque wrench on engine assembly
  • Chengxin tires
  • Racing tires
  • Brass floats in carburetors
  • Rubber carburetor insulators
  • Leather or suade seat covers
  • Leather or suade bucket seats
  • Inline gas filter
  • No slip protective tape
  • Duck boards
  • Stainless hex screws
  • PLA leaf springs
  • Stainless steel handle bars
  • Lathed steel side kick stand
  • Quality paint from: PPG, ICI, Dupont, Sinclair.
  • Road tested
  • Cylinder compression tested

All of our Chang Jiang 750 sidecars are restored to the highest standard using only the best parts. I pride myself in being the best builder in the industry. I care about every little detail and most importantly I place an important emphasis on reliability. Don't be fooled by fancy paint jobs and buckets thickly covered with bondy. Get your sidecar from someone that rides and loves motorcycle and you will spend more time riding and less time fixing. Drop me a email and see what I can do for you.

Some pictures of my Chang Jiang 750 sidecars in action website:


Super Chang Jiang 750 restorations: Top of the line custom restored for clients of the highest demand. Orders yours with flames, super pearl dust paint jobs, pinstripes, double bucket seats, single seaters, custom leather works, all the top details. The Ferrari of Chang Jiang 750 sidecars, we don't skip on details and we test ride all of our Chang Jiang 750 restorations before we hand you the key.


Our restoration facility: I gurantee you that there is not a CJ750 restoration shop as clean, organized and professional as mine in Beijing. I care about what I use and what goes into my restorations and I use only the best tools, from professional equipment to motoroil, etc, only the best goes into my restorations. There is no messing around with poor quality junk tools and engine parts, or parts sitting in the dirt. All my tools are SATA brand, and everything is meticulously kept clean and organized. Just look at our pictures and compare. I also work on Harleys, and BMWs. Check out the pictures of my shop and you can compare to other shops. Pictures will give you an idea of what we mean by "we care about your CJ750 sidecar" and our quality standards.



Beijing Sidecar 2007