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Chang Jiang 750 Sidecars



A motorcycle with personality and character!




Own a part of motorcycle history with a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar. Originally designed by BMW in the 1930's then the Russians got a hold of it and from there, they gave it to the Chinese, and over 1.5 million made since 1956 for the People Liberation Army. This is the world's third largest production motorcycle.

The Chang Jiang 750 comes in the classic 22hp 6v, or 24hp flathead engine and the 32hp OHV engine with push rods on top. Pictured is a black with white pinstrips CJ750 R71 style OHV restoration with full chrome front end.

What really makes the difference in a quality restoration is the amount of workmanship and experience that goes into making the Chang Jiang 750 sidecar reliable and beautiful. My quality is so good that even Dunhill use my sidecars for their bike wear promotional party. Click and check out an incredible party in Beijing. Do not settle for less! Browse through my site and out why my Chang Jiang 750 are the best.

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